Genesis Café is the place to be if you’re a bike enthusiast.

Genesis, the name that says plenty about the café, is the pioneer of its kind— a perfect place where bike meet food. Located at Panipokhari in Kathmandu, Genesis Café is the place to be if you’re a bike enthusiast. The whole idea of starting Genesis, a  motorbike  themed café, began in 2012 when  two young entrepreneurs decided to come back to Nepal  from Australia and put their heart and soul into what they were most passionate about—bikes and food—in their own land. The café was started by Bikerz Aus Nepal, a bikers' club based in Australia that creates platforms for motorbike enthusiasts to gather and share their experiences of motorbike journeys and food discoveries.  Run by two young motorbike enthusiasts, Ateet Shrestha and Saujan Man Pradhan, the former also being a chef, this place is the ultimate bikers' hub for all who live to ride, and love to eat. 

The combination of food and bikes can be found at its best in this place. The team not only put their efforts and passion into bikes, but equally into exploring and enhancing the delectable cuisine of Nepal. One can also choose from a wide range of cuisines from around the world at Genesis, and the best part is the amount of research and hard work they put into preparing the food they serve you here. The team often goes on motorbike rides to exotic destinations in the country. Their bike rides are not just limited to road trips, but food adventures as well, which as the owners say, is the motive behind starting the café, and is the essence of the trips. Their last trip was to Mustang, where they relished and studied the untamed Thakali food, also known as Nepali Thaali, and brought back the same essence to their café.

There are numerous cafes and restaurants in the valley, but only a few become trendsetters. Also,only a very few of them serve a different purpose than the usual. Contrary to all those cafes that serve only their personal benefits, Genesis Café stands out. They are the only bike-themed café in the city today, and they have lived up to being called a bikers' paradise by conducting several programs and rides to serve a purpose. One such program is Ride Sunday, which is a worldwide event celebrated by a group of bike enthusiasts by going on a bike ride to support a cause by raising funds for it. This year's Ride Sunday organized by Genesis Café had riders riding all the way to Bhaktapur in support of a cause. The owners of the cafe shared their plans with us about organizing several other programs and rallies that can help raise funds for those in need. Genesis Café has been making efforts to unite bikers coming from all corners, and encouraging them to be a part of something compassionate, which is quite unconventional for most bikers to be. 

Aside from serving social causes, the café serves amazing food in an amazingly out-of-the-world ambience. The vegetables and other food items here are brought fresh, and the cafe ensures that you carry back a great dining experience. The ambience of the café gets you in the motorbike mood right from the moment you enter the place. There's a coffee shop named The Racer Cafe at the entrance to welcome you. Also, Bar Rendezvous and Harley Lounge do much to help you feel like you are in a bikers' paradise. The café is a bike affair to get lost in. Bikes hanging against the walls, vintage bikes on display, bikers' get-ups, and bike gears are so mesmerizing to watch. The walls have photos and portraits of motorbike legends and stars, which take you to a completely different world.

At a time when most youth are inclined towards the West and prefer living a life away from their country, the owners of Genesis Café have been the opposite. They have set an example and inspired many to create platforms for themselves, rather than complaining about the lack of opportunities here. They were unhesitant to share with us how difficult it was for them to start the journey; turning their passion into profession, but also happy about their initiative being of some inspiration to others. They do not target bringing huge changes in what there is, instead, they want to highlight all the good things that there is in the biking scene of Nepal. 

Having said that, Genesis Café is the place to be whether you are a bike enthusiast or not. If you are, this place will be your shrine, and if you aren’t, you will change your opinion, for sure!