Hunter Bikes, on the Hunt for New Hearts

Hunter Bikes- “Not just a motorcycle but a lifestyle”

By- Esparsh Sarawagi

Hunter, an Australian motorcycle brand that was officially launched on December 17, 2017, in the presence of the Ambassador of Australia has appointed Rai Motors Pvt. Ltd. as the authorized dealer of Nepal. Fr!day had a chat with its chairman about their plans and strategies for the Nepal market.


What is your strategy to introduce the Hunter brand to Nepal? How do you look at the Nepali super-bike market? Is the customer price sensitive or value sensitive?

It has been observed that the craze of Nepalese people for the premium bike segment has been continuously increasing. Considering this interest, we have introduced the premium Hunter bikes in order to fulfill the gap between the interest of people and the high-price level, so that they can now realize their dreams at the most affordable price possible. We feel that if we work a little harder in this segment we’ll be able to occupy about 10 -15% of Nepalese market share. The Nepalese customers are both price sensitive as well as value sensitive, and have always preferred the premium class products in the cheapest price possible.

What is the Hunter’s product portfolio in Nepal?

Five models of motorbikes have already been brought to Nepal. They are: Cafe Racer 350, Daytona 350, Sniper TT350X, Spyder 350, and Crusier 350. They are all equipped with an advance EFI (electronic fuel injection) system. All five models are powered by the same 350 cc, parallel twin cylinder engine that has dual cooling system (liquid plus air cooled), and front dual disk brakes. All five models will give a mileage of from 25 km to 35 km per liter of petrol and are mated to a 5-speed manual transmission.

What is the response you have received from the market? What sales number are you looking to hit for the fiscal year at present/

It’s been officially one month since we launched this brand, and we have already sold about 40 units. The customers seem to be really satisfied with the product in terms of quality, mileage, features, and of course, the design. This fiscal year, we have targeted to sale about 400-500 units in the Nepal market.

In terms of dealership network, what is your strength at present?

In terms of dealership, we are giving much focus and already finalized with the dealers in Pokhara, Butwal, Dharan, Itahari, Birtamode, and Narayanghat

Normally, when new brands get launched, they introduce different variants. In your case, all five models are powered by the same 350 cc and the price is also quite similar. Why?

The reason is because Hunter being a bike of premium segment, it just produces bikes above 350 cc. We believe that when bikes are produced with low cc, their luxury automatically gets declined. If you want to ride a premium class bike, it has to be above 300 cc at least, else you don’t get that comfort. Our company also produces bikes above 600 cc, but at present we have started with 350 cc, and will go into much higher class in the future.

What is your personal favorite model?

Among these current bikes, I personally prefer the Daytona 350. The reason is purely its customized classic look and design. One can get the feeling of Harley Davidson just at the price range of Rs.600, 000.

What values and offers are you providing with the Hunter bikes?

Our company offers two years free service and one-year engine warranty. Along with this, I assure that the customers associated with us will have no problem of spare parts in future and will get it from all the dealers. For the convenience of our customers, we are also tying up with some financial institutions.

What are the future products in the pipeline?

Well, it’s not confirmed. But we’ll introduce our products as per the company produces new products and bring changes in the cc, style, and mileage of our models.