In the last episode we saw the riders and the crew members starting off with their journey to the Last Resort. There was excitement in the air as riders had made it to the Top 10 and were soon due for bungee jump once they reached their destination. Nevertheless, none of them could have realized what was lying ahead for them.


Finally we reached our first destination, The Last Resort. However, there was no time for us to spare to relax and enjoy. Everyone, including the mechanical and management crews from HH Bajaj were busy in preparation for the first task of Pulsar Dare Venture Season 2 called “NMB Atmanirbhar Task-Bike Assembly”. Similarly, the production crew was coordinating with the Director, Simosh Sunuwar for the arrangement of props and cameras for the shoot. 

Ultimately, the stage was set for the riders to face off their first challenge which put them in awe. Moreover, the riders were shocked when Subeksha Khadka announced that elimination in this season would take place from the losing team instead. The task kicked off and the contestants were assembling the bike along with their gang leaders Robin Tamang and Sanjay Gupta. Suddenly, it started pouring rain, but nevertheless the show had to go on and the white team -Burnouts won. The contestants faced mixed emotions as Burnout were immensely happy that they won and Black Storm Riders had that fear of elimination.

The next day started off with an intense fear of elimination amongst the Black Storm Riders. When Bikram KC was nominated it was a known fact that the game had finally begun. Then again the game took another turn when Bikram was saved who now gave an “I am watching you” response. From there on we headed to our next destination, Sunkoshi Beach for the Bike Relay task. The whole task went smoothly as planned. Black Storm Riders won the second task and redeemed their loss to team Burnout. Now, the fear of elimination has shifted towards the white team, Burnout.

More Fun & Shocking Twists

The last episode saw riders facing intense tasks and elimination fears. What was going to unfold in this episode was going to shock them as well as the crew.

We reached Dhulikhel Mountain Resort late at night. Everyone was exhausted after a hectic day and went to rest immediately. The next morning saw the heightened nervousness on the riders’ faces due to the elimination round ahead. Black Storm Riders selected Biratjan Giri as the candidate to be eliminated whereas Burnout gave the responsibility to their gang leader, Sanjay Gupta for the elimination. It was unknown as to whom Sanjay would eliminate and ultimately Bigyan Gupta was chosen for not being able to blend with the rest of his team.

After the elimination, bags were packed and we headed out for our next destination for fun “Beach Football Game”. The management team went ahead for the preparation of the task. All the contestants were in a relaxed frame of mind since the fear of elimination had passed on for the moment. Nevertheless, they were unaware of the fact that this fun activity led to another round of elimination. The task was set to begin soon. However, from a distance two guys whose faces were covered with helmets were approaching near. All the contestants were perplexed with thought of “What now and who these two guys were.” Once, the unknown figures removed their helmets, it was announced that they were the new wildcard entries. The contestants were seen rejoicing from meeting their lost friends from the Attitude Test. Yet keeping the happiness aside, the competitive streak was seen rising between the contestants with the announcement of the new entries.

The game was fun to watch. Robin Tamang made saved several goals as goalkeeper of Black storm riders. However, Burnout emerged as the ultimate winners of this task with Pratik Thapa proving him to be the man of the match. Although Robin Tamang was on the losing side, he was awarded the title of Man of the Match for his power pact performance and was given a power that could be used in the next elimination. Next, we had our lunch and headed towards our next destination Okhaldhunga. It was about to get dark and the roads were not in the best of the conditions. But with the special Dare Venture edition Pulsar 200 NS, the riders rode through tough landslide affected roads and across rivers to reach Okhaldhunga where something new and exciting was awaiting for the contestants as well as the crew.

To Be Continued…