A reality show does need to bring something new each and every time to excite their audiences. Yes, though Season 3 has the same two gang leaders, Robin Tamang and Sanjay Gupta, and the host, Subekshya Khadka, as before, unlike in Season 2, instead of audition round, the first step for the participants was the group discussion round. The selection took place in different places of the country; Pokhara, Butwal, Nepalgunj, Narayanghat, Dharan, and Kathmandu, from which five hundred participants were selected for the next test.
The excitement level shown by the participants towards the reality show was enormous. They were very interested and wanted to be a part of Nepal’s first ever biking reality show. The contestants from outside Kathmandu Valley were very glad that this year Pulsar Dare Venture came to their places to conduct the first selection round. Yes, the contestants were shocked at the change in first round selection, but they were more than happy to express themselves through group discussion round and impress the moderators. Though they had to wait for their turn for a while, the contestants were entertaining themselves, whether it was by chitchatting with other contestants, or participating in games conducted by last season’s Pulsar Dare Venture riders.

In the group discussion round, the moderators presented a topic of discussion to a group of participants related to the currently applied traffic rules and regulations, such as no horn policy and zero alcohol tolerance policy, and general perception topics like traffic jams occurring mostly because of the motorcycles. At first, the contestants were calm and presented their perceptions according to their turn, but slowly, mayhem occurred during some of the sessions. Besides their answers, the participants were also judged on many other factors. In the middle of some sessions, when things got a bit heated up, the moderators played pranks on the contestants, asking them some silly questions, and also told them to present their talents. Those sessions in the middle really cooled off the attitude of the contestants. During this group discussion round, there were many good perceptions presented by the participants. They did have knowledge about traffic rules, how to follow them properly, and what could be done by to improve traffic rules further. From the group discussion round, five hundred participants were selected from six different cities of Nepal, all set for their next test in Pulsar Dare Venture Season 3.