Ride Sunday was a fun-filled day with some of the best riders of Nepal.

Ride Sunday is a worldwide event celebrated to create friendship and raise funds for different chronic diseases or for a cause. Ride Sunday was organized for the first time in Nepal by RS Moto Genesis Cafe. The ride commenced from RS Moto with a short breakfast break in Downtown Pub and GRill in Suryabinayak and ended in Genesis Cafe in Panipokhari.

Well, this was the second time I participated in a ride event organized by RS Moto (previously, it was the Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride). We were a group of 27 riders on different machines like Harley cruisers, Crossfire dirt bikes, sports bikes, classic bikes, and mid-range sports machines like R15, CBR 250, R3, Ninja 300, and BenelliTNT 300. The ride started at around 10:00 a.m. from RS Moto with the help of Nepal Traffic Police, who escorted the riders towards the destination. It was a wonderful experience to be riding with other riders whom I didn’t know previously. A ride with different riders of varying riding styles was a new experience. As I do ride on weekends with my core group, this event is an experience to know other riders, and a ride to create friendships.

Besides this, it was also fun to share the experiences and also the problems we face during the rides. The ride focused on a group riding for a cause and it was a great experience, as it was not about riding the bikes to the limit, but rather, cruising with a bunch of friends. It is always a new experience riding on the Bhaktapur highway with the sound and the thrill of being on a ride. Riding a CBR 250, it is always a thrilling experience when a higher cc flies by with the roar of the Harleys and the Ducatis, and also of the in-line 4 sound of the Japanese in-line 4, which creates an adrenaline rush. Along the ride, the best part was also the escort from Nepal Traffic Police, who supported us along the way. Likewise, the breakfast break in Suryavinayak was a refresher for me as I got to interact with other riders regarding the ride, and also catching up with friends whom I had not met since long. Again, the ride back from Suryavinayak to Genesis was also quite fun.

The ride ended in Genesis cafe, with a nice lunch and a fun time with the riders. There were more conversations regarding the rides, and more plans made. Thus, Ride Sunday was a fun-filled day with some of the best riders of Nepal. I believe we need to have more such events in Nepal to keep the riding culture alive, and also to support a cause.