Roaring Success of KTM’s 1st Orange Stunt Championship

By Esparsh Sarawagi

Roaring Gears, an exclusive first-of-its-kind event in Nepal, where attendees were either KTM bike owners or had to test ride a KTM bike from any KTM showroom within Nepal, was one of those championships that has changed the way we look at motorcycle stunts and has made it into the mainstream sports in the country. With phenomenal wheelies, stoppies, bar tricks, burnouts, switchbacks, and acrobatics performed at Satdobato Swimming Complex on March 10, eight Nepali bike stunt riders left the audience speechless. The first Orange Stunt Competition, ‘Roaring Gears’, hosted by Hansraj Hulaschand and Company, the sole distributor of KTM bikes, turned out to be a smashing hit amongst the stunt fanatics, with a crowd of over five thousand eager fans.

Bhim Hona, 22, was declared the winner of the KTM Roaring Gears 1st Orange Stunt Championship, whereas Ram Sardar and Ramesh Duwal bagged the second and third positions, respectively, at this hardcore stunt event. The crowd was very enthusiastic and energetic, making the event lively. The winners were awarded a biker jacket and a helmet each, along with a gift hamper from Himstar. The judge of the competition, Rok Bagoros from Slovenia, who is also the official stunt rider of KTM (Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen), was very excited to watch the stunts of the local stunt riders, as he feels that he could always learn a new trick from each stunt performed. The huge crowd gathered was eager to watch Bagaros perform, and he matched the expectations from the crowd through his tricks and rocking stunts. One could see a visual harmony as Bagoros tuned with his machine as if it was an extension of his body. Speechless by the huge crowd gathered at the venue, Bagoros said, “I didn’t know so many of you were going to come.” Bagaros, who has been associated with KTM for last seven years, was very impressed by the contestants, and said he had learned something from what the participants had put up in the competition.

The championship began with the performance of the solo female rider, Aarju Singh Thakuri. All the participants had got five minutes in which they were required to showcase what they had got. Thakuri contributed her best, as she wanted to be an icon for the future generation of stunt riders. Other Nepali stunt riders in the competition were Ashok Maharjan, Ishwor Dulal, Bibek Khadgi, and Bishal Chhawale. Chhawale, who participated despite his injured hand, believed that winning is not everything when it comes to showcasing the talent.

The KTM 390 Duke with new graphics was also unveiled at the event by Bagaros himself. There was also a special performance by BMX Nepal, who entertained the crowd thoroughly. These events will no doubt help to improve the stunt riding culture in the country and give immense opportunities to the Nepali riders to get international recognition. Many stunt riders in the country are seeking better trainers and platforms where they can improve their skills further, and such a championship is one of those platforms.