This week we are talking about where you can eat when on a late night out in town, particularly in party central, Thamel—three places that have been known for decades, along with a new and upcoming favorite.

The oldest point for you late night partygoers is Sandwich Point on the left of Narsingh Chowk. It has been in Thamel for over thirty years, the oldest, first sandwich joint and late night place for food, and oh, the only one to make a five-foot-plus sandwich for a charity event! When we think about places to get food late at night, especially in a place like Thamel, we automatically assume that their target is people walking out of the bars and clubs; however, they weren’t established for that.
Speaking with Mr. Sanjeev Man Pradhan of Sandwich Point, it was heartwarming to learn the truth about his establishment. Sandwich Point was actually opened for professionals like doctors, pilots, and nurses, who finish their shifts late nights, when no other restaurants are open to get a proper meal, even if it is a sandwich or a burger. Pradhan, a humble and passionate man, talks about Sandwich Point as his hobby, a hobby that has satisfied hundreds and thousands of customers over the decades, and built up a loyal clientele base.

Over the years, it has gained a reputation as a hygienic and affordable place for anyone to enjoy every bite of their food; tourists and expats also feel comfortable eating here, as their vegetables are cleaned in iodized water for a thorough clean, and their meat are cooked to perfection. Additionally, you don’t have to travel all the way to Thamel for their authentic sandwiches, you can also find their branches in Jhamsikhel and Labim Mall.
The outlet in Thamel is best known to partygoers, since its opening hours are till three in the morning on weekends. Pradhan had some great anecdotes to share from over the decades of being the man behind the counter, the pleasure of satisfying happy customers, and the relationships he built with them. Sandwich Point has also made it a point to take their flavors to their customers during festivals and food fests, besides supporting charitable causes.
Another place for late night sandwiches and burgers is Sandwich Palace, right on Narsingh Chowk, the second oldest sandwich establishment, which was opened by Mr. Yadav Raj Pandey eighteen years ago on the encouragement of some French tourists. People flock at Sandwich Palace before, during, and after their drinking sessions at the nearby bars and clubs, with around six other places in close vicinity. Sandwich Palace also has its loyal following, some even coming from Bhakatpur just for their sandwiches. The young men behind the counter are experienced in dealing with all kinds of people at any time of the day. They enjoy meeting people from all walks of lives, sharing stories, and getting their daily dose of entertainment. From staying open late nights to opening their shutter at noon, Sandwich Palace has left an impression in Thamel’s takeaway and quick bites list. From catering to offices and serving passersby, Sandwich Palace has its own little charm.
Pizza King. The name says it all. Eight months in the small alleyway from Maya’s Cocktail/De la Soul in-between Buddha Bar and Roots Bar, lies this hidden gem. Mr. Satyadeep KC, a magnificent personality with a true passion for his food and his vision, has turned eight short months of opening his shutter into a legendary tale. Having learnt the art of pizza-making in London for over five years, KC decided to bring his skills to Nepal, create jobs, and teach about pizza. Everyone loves pizza, pizza is something that has been around for so long, most of us have forgotten what good pizza tastes like…and if you have, find Pizza King!
A small anecdote KC shared with us—a Russian and a Polish popped in for pizza around the afternoon and went on their way, and later the same evening, as KC was pulling down his shutter, he heard men yelling at him to stop. He noticed the same Russian and Polish men coming towards him. They pointed to a little Google search-designed quote KC has printed on his side wall: Steps to Happiness; 1. Get Pizza 2. Eat Pizza 3. Repeat. The men were there for the third step. Repeat.
Open to midnight and later, Pizza King can serve up to six pizzas at a go, besides copious quantities of burgers and hot wings. Catering to all offices in Thamel and delivering inside and outside of the area, Pizza King has been making quite an impression!