Yes, winter is not just coming, but it’s already here. The chill of riding a motorcycle in half sleeve T-shirts and shirts are long gone. You need to stay warm while not only riding long distances, but also daily commute. Team Vatvatey have listed out some clothing ideas that can not only keep you from getting sick or cold, but also look stylish while riding.


One doesn’t need to be told to wear jackets during the winter season. But I’m just going to advise what kinds of jackets will be better for motorcycle riders during winter. Instead of wearing a bulky and heavy jacket, you can wear something light and comfortable that will yet keep you warm. Biking jackets that you can find in the market right now will be my first recommendation. Yes, they are a bit costly, ranging from Rs. 7,000 – Rs. 60,000, but they are warm and also highly durable. If you don’t want to purchase these jackets, then go for leather jackets that have fur attached to them. You can get those under Rs. 6,000.

Knee guard/Warmer

This might be something that some of us might have heard of. We always tend to cover from face to waist during winter, but never our legs. No, it is not a knee guard used during stunt-riding or racing, it is simply a clothing accessory that helps to keep your knees warm while riding. The length of this product is from your thigh to the shin, which needs to be warm while riding in winter. So, knee guard or warmer keeps you safe and warm, and gives you a comfortable ride also during the winter season.


Riding without gloves in winter will be like working with bare hands in a cement factory. Your hands can get seriously numb! But, wearing gloves doesn’t mean you can wear half gloves with your fingers sticking out. Wear full gloves. It will protect your hands from the cold as well as give you ease while holding the clutch or brake. I would like to recommend all motorcycle riders to wear gloves not only in winter, but also in summer. It just makes everything comfortable, and also safe.


Balaclava is popularly known as Ninja masks here in Nepal. This small but comfortable accessory can come to use in the winter season. The full face-covering mask keeps your face and neck warm, also adding to dust-free riding on the dusty roads of Kathmandu. Not only during winter, but for summer also, balaclava is one of the must-need accessories for any motorcycle rider. It also adds a safety factor for your head while riding.

Chest guard

If you have a jacket and like wearing one, this one might not be important for you. Chest guards are something that got popular in the market two years ago. Since last year, we haven’t seen many people using chest guards, due to the new technology jackets. But, still, this is a useful one, mainly to those who want to flaunt a casual style without wearing jackets. People wearing full-sleeve T-shirts, sweaters, or hoodies, and riding a motorcycle during winter, can use a chest guard to protect their chest from the chilly winds and still flaunt their casual wear.