Vatvatey Reunion 2017 Flashback

As we approach Vavatey Reunion 2018, let’s have a look at some of the memorable moments of what was one of the biggest events amongst Nepali bikers and the biking community, Vatvatey Reunion 2017.

Text By: Dibesh Dangol

Bikers’ Parade

About fifty riders were invited for the Bikers’ Parade, which started from Grande Hospital, Samakushi, and went towards Budanilkantha through the woods of Tokha, ending at Park Village Resort. The participating riders showed great camaraderie when passing through some difficult road conditions, making the parade still more rewarding.

Food Stalls

Vatavtey Reunion 2017 was all about the 3 B’s—bike, booze, and barbeque. Bikers had a good time munching delicious and juicy barbeque and partnering the food with their own choice of beer while talking with other fellow motorcycle enthusiasts about nothing else but bikes.

Vatvatey Reunion 2018

It’s not just about the 3 B’s this year. Vatvatey Reunion 2018 will be a total motorcycle and food festival. People can enjoy different food from about ten food outlets, and also drink their choice of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.

Fun Games

Motorcycle enthusiasts had great fun under the sun when it came to playing different games, such as Slow Race, Carry Your Soul, and Musical Bikes. The participants showed their toughness and competitiveness to win gift hampers, but also showed mutual respect and friendship to their fellow competitors.

Vatvatey Reunion 2018

Carrying the “Torch of Fun”, Vatvatey Reunion 2018 will be having the same three fun and competitive games, but beware participants, this year the games won’t be as easy as last year.

Bike Stalls

It is not a motorcycle festival if there are no motorcycle and motorcycle products companies showing support towards the event. Vatvatey Reunion 2017 had six motorcycle companies showcasing their products at the event.

Vatvatey Reunion 2018

Vatavtey Reunion 2018 will be having more than twenty booths just of motorcycle companies and other motorcycle products companies, so visitors can have a wide array of motorcycles and products available in the Nepali market.

Vintage and Customized Motorcycles

Probably, the most eye-catching part of Vatvatey Reunion 2017 was the section where vintage and customized motorcycles were displayed. Motorcycle enthusiasts and celebrities were enjoying the customization and snapping pictures with the five customized motorcycles present at the event.

Vatvatey Reunion 2018

All we can say right now is that, “You will definitely be surprised!”

Bikers’ Storytelling

Like the saying, “Sharing is Caring”, in Vatvatey Reunion 2017, we got to hear motorcycle enthusiasts sharing their stories about their most memorable rides, their mishaps on the road, and motorcycle adventures.

Vatvatey Reunion 2018

Keeping the tradition of Bikers’ Storytelling alive, various veteran and young motorcycle enthusiasts will be sharing their motorcycle stories at the event.

Music Concert

An event or festival is incomplete if there is no music it fill the air. Jung Trio opened the music concert for Vatvatey Reunion 2017, followed by celebrated band Robin and the New Revolution.

Vatvatey Reunion 2018
This time around, we have some of the best artists around town to put up a stellar show for everyone attending Vatvatey Reunion 2018. So be on a lookout!