Fr!day: What was the second season of Pulsar Dare Venture like to both of you?

Sanjay Gupta: Pulsar Dare Venture Season 2 was very new for me, as I was not there for the first season. I didn’t know the nitty-gritties of how the show worked, but I had the basic zest of a reality show. It was fun working with such an icon like Robin dai. It was the highlight of the second season for me. Overall, it was exciting and entertaining. I had our own entertainment during the shooting for the show. I had a good time with the team, as well.

Robin Tamang: I think the second season was much more professional and entertaining than the first season, due to the entire change in the format of the game. In the first season, we were just learning the ropes of a reality show. Whereas, in the second season, everybody was well prepared and the show was well executed, although we had technical difficulties in the sound department that I hope will be managed in this season. I had a great time because I had an opportunity to work with Sanjay and Subekshya, who joined Pulsar Dare Venture team in the second season. So, it was more professionally laid out as far as the sequences of the show went.

Fr!day: How do you describe each other as a gang leader?

SG: I going to say he is a fantastic gang leader. He got his team together, although both of us had an equal amount of power and strength. “Fantastic” is the word I would like to describe him as a gang leader. Positive side was him himself. He is Robin dai. With his name Robin automatically comes daiand then Tamang. He was like a figure that everybody looked up to. That’s what you do with brothers; we look up to our big brothers. So, that was the best part of Robin dai, and also, him team management skills were incredible. Negative side, he woke too early for me (Sanjay and Robin both laugh). But, I have a plus point on that as well, because I was the last guy who used to get Robin dai’s “Wake up!” shout.

RT: The second season was better than the first season, because we had a competitive format last season. I am glad I got Sanjay as the opposite gang leader, because we are totally opposite, and both of us approach things differently. Last season was all about making our team win. Sanjay was very comfortable with this team, whereas I was a very distant kind of gang leader, because I know what I need to do to get them to the top. I was like that, because at the end of the day,some would be leaving, and being emotionally attached would only hamper other members. As for the negative side of Sanjay, he became too attached to his team members, and on their behalf took some random decisions.

Fr!day: What kind of contestants do you both want in your gangs this season?

SG: In Season 2 what happened was, all my guys were tough, but they didn’t have that winning streak. I have a dream, and that is to win. So, I want those types of team members this season. I want people who have this similar dream and want to succeed via this show. Although Ram Bikram Thapa, who was in my team, won Pulsar Dare Venture Season 2 as an individual, my entire team didn’t. I am the kind of person who wants the whole shebang, the entire team that I have to reach the top. At the end of the show, it is the one person who is going to win the glory, but if my entire team is at top competing for that one glory, it will be like “icing on the cake” for me. So, I want those contestants who have that mentality to win, not just as an individual, but as a team in Season 3.

RT: Last season we did pretty well. I had four contestants in the Top 5, but unfortunately, due to the team members not performing well in the previous task and their riding skills also affecting the final point tally, they didn’t reach the top. But, still, I’m glad I got most of my team members there in the Top 5 spot in PDV Season 2. Last year, the contestants in my team were a bit weak physically, but they were smart, especially in the final task, where they had to figure out the clues to win. That is why, this year, I’m looking for physical characters who can get us though physical tasks, as well as those who are smart and get us through mentally challenging tasks. So, I’m looking for mix-mash of both these kind of contestants.

Fr!day: Your overall Pulsar Dare Venture experience till now.

SG: Anything you do at the end of the day needs to satisfy you if you want to go forward. I’m happy that we have got a strong team. The management team from Bajaj is brilliant. The director, Simosh Sunuwar, and his entire camera and production team are the best in Nepal. So, it’s been a fun journey. Also, we have to thank our marshals from BikersNepal—Pasang Sherpa, Govinda Thapa, and Nikhil Thakuri, because without them we would basically have been stranded. The entire team has come together very well, and to sum it up in one sentence, “It has been a bloody adventure.”

RT: The concept is great, because you get to see the adventure side, the determination of the contestants, and especially, the beautiful destinations that we have in Nepal. It’s great that programs like Pulsar Dare Venture is promoting tourism in Nepal. So, I think PDV is a great thing, and I hope it keeps on going. I love the whole package delivered by the show, the adventure, the ride, and the enthusiasm shown by the participants.

Fr!day: You both have ventured into acting, also. What do you enjoy more, acting or being part of a reality show like Pulsar Dare Venture?

SG: You can’t compare acting and reality shows. Both these things might be on the same line, but they are different. In acting, the director tells you what to do, you got a script, and you follow that, whereas in a reality show it’s completely different. You don’t know what is going to happen in a second. So, you have to play along as it goes along. I think both of these are completely different, and I cannot pick and choose either one of them. It sounds the same, but it’s not. Acting is portraying a character, whereas in a reality show, it is what it is. You show your real side!

RT: For me, I am in the entertainment business. Both are jobs for me, and I love both acting and reality shows. So, whether it is acting or a reality show, we try to give the best of ourselves in that process. For me, reality show is a kind of gig, but a different type of gig, where you add a lift on camera. It’s good because we make up situations and handle them, whereas in movies, the situation is created beforehand. So, while doing reality shows, it’s nice to have that spontaneous reaction on camera.

Fr!day: If you weren’t either a celebrity or a gang leader, would you ever think of participating in Pulsar Dare Venture?

SG: Of course I would have love to participate in Pulsar Dare Venture. See the country for free, challenge yourself in tasks, win the show, win Rs.10 lakh, get a motorcycle, name and fame, so why not?

RT: I think PDV is a great platform and opportunity to be exposed to the entertainment business, besides having a good time doing it. What more could you ask for? At the end of the show, if you win, you go home with the prize.