4 Things to do after SEE

Everything about SEE is a total nightmare. The hours of staring at your social studies book, the stress and pressure, and mainly, the long uneventful months of break afterwards. And so, if you happen to be one of these pitiful students, fear not, because we at Friday took it upon ourselves to bring to you four things around town you can do on your break.

And, for all the parents reading this, now’s your chance to finally get your kid out of the house, engaging in programs and classes, getting back the fun, carefree, and engaging childhood their days of studying and endless exams have cost them. Think about it.

KatJazz International Festival 2018 + Music Classes (Jhamsikhel )

If now isn’t the perfect time to join the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory to work on your guitar skills or to polish up on your vocal chords, I don’t know when it will be. With the KatJazz International Festival merely days away, join the conservatory to learn music from international artists, as you jam along to their performance. Activities will flood the festival, featuring various workshops, throughout the days. As for the cherry on the top, KJC is selecting a minimum of seven artists from their workshops at the festival for eight months of scholarship in music training. And, if you love the vibe and what they’re offering, stay back and join their classes to fully work on your skills, because now’s the perfect time. And oh, if this isn’t enough to to get you to join, the workshops, specific concerts, and activities are all free of charge.

Phone: 015543554

Email: info@katjazz.com.np

Location: Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur

French Lessons and Courses at Alliance Francaise (Pulchowk)

If you take French lessons now and are speaking French by the time you start college, trust me, your future self will thank you. If you’re thinking of joining a university abroad, or plan to apply for permanent residency, learning French will help you immensely. So, utilize your free time and join in to speak the language of love! (Plus, knowing a second language has its own bragging rights.)

Phone: 015009221

Email: reception.afk@gmail.com

Location: Pulchowk, Lalitpur

Mountain Biking with Gravity Nepal (Dhobighat)

When was the last time you raced down a hill with the wind beating against your face? If you answered anything longer than a month, then you need to go join Gravity Nepal and get geared up to get back on the road. If you were once a bike enthusiast who got caught up in SEE, then now’s your time to go out and once again taste the wild winds. And, if you’re just a beginner, use this break to learn all the necessary skills, knowledge, and practice when you have time.

Phone: 015535662

Email: info@gravitynepal.com

Location: Dhobighat, Lalitpur

Sport and Rock Climbing with Astrek Climbing (Thamel)

Expressed by Time magazine as the “ultimate full body and excellent cardiovascular workout”, besides being recently accepted by the Tokyo 2020 Olympics as an official Olympic sport, now’s the right time to join Astrek Climbing to start scaling those heights. Situated in the crowded area of Thamel, Astrek Climbing has a surprisingly peaceful, calm, and serene environment, with trained staff willing to give a hand anytime. With overhanging climbing walls on both sides, Astrek Climbing gets kids and adults excited to climb the minute they step within the area. Built and tailored for anyone looking to get fit, Astrek also features a slack line and yoga classes. Similarly, if you are looking to continue climbing even after your SEE break, there are always 6-10 events, competitions, national championships, and outdoor events conducted by Astrek to keep you engaged at all times. And, to finally, finally, seal the deal, Astrek Climbing is kindly offering an “introduction to climbing” deal for SEE students that features 50% off on climbing and rentals from Astrek. So, what are you waiting for?

Phone: 014419265

Website: astrekclimbing.com

Location: Thamel, in front of new Chaya Mall