Up for a match? We have some fine futsal grounds around the valley for you.

Royal Futsal

Established in 2013, Royal Futsal has been operating for the last five years. It is located in Anamnagar, Thapagaun. On the way to Hanumanthan, you can see the Sunrise Apartments, from where you take a left turn, and going through the alleyway, you take a left turn again, and there you can see Royal Futsal. The club runs from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., the hourly rate ranges from 1200-1500 rupees, and on Saturdays it goes up to 1800 rupees per hour.

The place has services of showers and a café for its customers. It occasionally offers free T shirts, water, and discounts. They also have trainers to guide the players on the field. With currently three staff working, the establishment tries to provide the best services possible. The ground consists of soil and pure rubber carpeting, which causes fewer injuries.

People of all age groups come to play; however, the number of young adults is higher when it comes to playing matches. The area is comparatively small, but it does have all the necessary things required by the players. Royal Futsal also has a branch in Golfutar, called Royal Indoor Cricket, focusing on cricket.

X-cel Futsal

Established in 2011, X-cel Futsal has been operating for six years now. It is located in Baluwatar. From Baluwatar Chowk, you take a left turn, then going straight, you take a right turn, and you will see the hoarding board of Xcel Futsal. The hourly cost ranges from 1200-1500 rupees; 1500 on Saturdays, after 5 p.m.

The club has showers, canteen, and ample parking space. The three owners and two staff members keep the grounds organized, clean, and well equipped for the players. Mostly, young adults and corporate people come in to play. X-cel Futsal also provides football training to young kids on Saturdays. The owner explained that, because of the location being accessible to different offices around, a lot of corporate people come in to play. College students doing their bachelors also come in to play for their credit hours. The club focuses on providing quality services, including good quality balls, clean ground, and enough parking space.

Dhanyentari Futsal

Established in 2015, Dhanyentri Futsal has been operating for the last two-and-half years. It is located in Hadigaun. The hourly cost is 1400 rupees from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., 1200 from 10-4, and 1800 from 4-9 and Saturdays. Staying open from 6-9, Dhanyantari Futsal is one of the most popular futsal clubs in Kathmandu, having good ground conditions and many growing facilities, from a café to wifi to swimming pool.

Dahnyentri Futsal offers a wide ground for the players, swimming pool, spacious café, and well-guarded premises. It also has a small shop selling necessary sports items. The place is packed with players especially in the evening. The ground is wide enough for two different groups to play at the same time. More adult people are seen in this club. The place is packed after 4 p.m. It also conducts many tournaments. The staff provides good quality services.

Dhuku Futsal

Established in 2013, Dhuku Futsal has been operating for five years. Located in Shital Marg, Maharjgunj, the hourly charge is 1200 rupees from morning to 4 p.m., and 2000 after 4 p.m. and on Saturdays. There are showers and a café available for the players. There are mostly youths coming in. Currently, six staff members are working to provide good quality services to the customers.

The ground is rubber and granule, making it safe for the players to play on. The place is busy 14 hours a day, and it organizes a lot of sponsored matches. With the friendly attitude of the owner there, Dhuku Futsal is the number one choice for most people. The workers maintain complete cleanliness and are customer-oriented. Changes and services are upgraded according to the customers’ needs and preferences.

Shooters Futsal

Established on 2015, Shooters Futsal is located at Surya Binayak in Bhaktapur. The hourly cost is 1200 rupees on weekdays, and 2000 on Saturdays, operating from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. There are showers, a café, and enough parking space available for the players, and the unique thing about this place is that, it also offers a gaming zone for the people who come in.

Being the most popular futsal club in the Bhaktapur area, the place is always packed with players. There is a futsal tournament held every month. A Nigerian player comes in once a week to train the players. The ground is carpeted with plastic grass and is wide enough for the players. With three owners and one staff member working together, Shooters Futsal provides all the necessary services to the people who come in. The players who visit there are mostly teenagers. It is very convenient for the people residing in that area,