Jhamsikhel has become a new tourist hangout in Kathmandu, a place to satisfy hungry souls and connoisseurs of good food, offering as it does an assortment of restaurants that serve an incredible variety of cuisines. If you happen to stroll down the streets of Jhamsikhel in the evening, the brightly lit restaurants will grab your attention. If you decide on entering one, or even a few, get ready to have a hand-clapping and toe-tapping time along with some great food. These restaurants feature musical performances, live bands et al, as they are aware that the right tunes can enhance the entire dining experience.

Here are a few picks from Jhamsikhel to get you started.

Old School Cafe & Pub
Old School’s biggest pull is its decent ambiance. Vintage collections against the wall, immaculate interior, and glass windows from where you can was watch Jhamsikhel come alive are some of the attractions that will compel you to return again and again. Whether it be a drink after a hard day’s work, or catching up with friends over coffee, this place also offers a wide variety of food options. The must-try dish of Old School Cafe and Pub is Sisig, a Filipino dish made from pig's head and liver, usually seasoned with chili peppers. There is live music on Friday.

El Mediterraneo
This restaurant makes very authentic Spanish food. The atmosphere is elegant, with dim lights, and the service is prompt. Don’t forget to try the tapas set, which is a delight to the palate. This set menu has a diverse variety of foods, and it is the best choice in the menu.

BBQ Courtyard Restaurant and Bar
The smoke on their meats is not overpowering, really allowing the flavors to shine. Because of their use of coarsely grounded peppercorns, they provide a nice bite that complements the smokiness of the meats. Their Mustang Aloo is well balanced and not too oily. Definitely try their jhol momo, as they are pretty tasty and spicy. In the evening, you can try the chef’s special live barbeque in the compound with its spacious garden. If you want some privacy, you can choose to sit in a dining hall or a lounge. Meat lover! You'll walk out with a smile on your face and a happy stomach.

Annie’s Ice Cream Cafe
Come if you have an ice cream craving, and you're in the right neighborhood. Get a big scoop, or if you have an even bigger craving, they also have sundaes. If you haven't ordered from Annie’s, you are definitely missing out.  No refined sugars, hundred percent vegetarian, homemade, gluten-free—what more could you ask for?  Anything and everything that comes from her kitchen is fabulous. We just tasted her paan-flavored ice cream, and it's absolutely yummy, probably the first shop to sell in this flavor around Kathmandu.  I would highly recommend Fruit Jackpot, it is refreshing and delicious! This cafe also serves coffee and drinks. One can also purchase some pashmina items from the collection showcased near the entry door, and it is also a travel agency, as well.

Walking past the many eateries in Jhamsikhel, one can certainly miss this local pizza joint, but once you taste its mouthwatering pizza, you will certainly return again. Here, you can enjoy varieties of firewood pizza without loosening your purse strings. They offer 9-inch and 12-inch pizzas. They also have this awesome option of half-and-half, where you can combine half-veg and half non-veg toppings. Even though there are just a handful of tables, it’s a quite nice place to spend lunch hours or evenings with your friends or family.

Base Camp: Outdoor lifestyle
If you are looking for a chilled atmosphere and good cocktails/mocktails, this is the bar to hop to. The ambience reminds you of some reggae pub. This is the perfect place to chill out on evenings after school/work. There is also a cycle gear shop on the ground floor for cycle enthusiasts.