Food Truck Park

Food Truck Park, located in Nagpokhari Marg (behind Imago Dei), is a new food place with a Western concept of food trucks. The restaurant has a very chilled out ambience with an outdoor setup where customers can really enjoy the contemporary décor and the outdoor vibe.

Food Truck Park is fit for the summer, with good food and unique ambience where one can really enjoy their summer evenings along with friends, family, or significant other. The restaurant offers an exquisite range of internationally inspired food, chicken tacos, tempura prawn, chicken bacon burger, salmon sushi, and other mouth-watering dishes that will delight your taste buds. Food Truck Park gained popularity within a few months of its opening, as it is quite different from other restaurants around town. The place not only has good food, but also jazz nights and live music every Saturday, and a good news for movie fanatics—the restaurant is planning to do movie nights on weekdays in the upcoming days. Food Truck Park is not only a restaurant, but an experience, with internationally inspired cuisine, lovely outdoor ambience, and good music. A perfect combination for the summer days and for those looking to try new places and have a good time.

Snowman Café

Located in Freak Street, Basantapur, Snowman Café is one of the oldest cafes in town, with an eerie ambience. Snowman welcomes people for coffee and its very popular chocolate cakes that are famous among the people who know the place. With a very chilled-out ambience and a laid-back owner, Snowman is the go-to-hangout for everyone. Inviting all kinds of people, the café offers much needed space for its customers that is not available in other cafés. The dark room, dim lights, and scribbles on the walls really reflects the dark grunge aesthetics very much preferred by the people today. With their exquisite cakes, refreshing drinks, and the cool ambience, Snowman can be your little hideout place for the “tea and me” or “hangout with the squad” days. The café offers a chill space for you.

Bodhi Books and Bakes

Located in Maharjgunj, a little away from Bhatbhateni Supermarket, is where you will find Bodhi Books and Bakes. If you love books and food, Bodhi is the place for you. You can dip into an eclectic mix of books over a cup of organic coffee and in-house fresh baked cakes, pies, breads, donuts, and more. Bodhi offers a delicious range of food; breakfast, doughnuts, pasta, cake, and other baked treats. You can really indulge in books and entertain your taste buds at the same time. Being half library, the place is relaxing and quiet. With wi-fi and books, it is a sanctuary for book lovers and people who want their own “me time”. Wide range of books to choose from and good food to eat—who wouldn’t love that? So, if you and your friends are looking for a new quiet place to read your favorite books and enjoy delicious treats, Bodhi is the place to be at.