Durbar Marg is one of the famous areas that lie in the heart of Kathmandu. Since the street leads to the former royal palace, it is also known as King’s Way, and thus is a popular tourist destination. It is an upmarket area that is known for its luxury hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, travel agencies, discos, pubs, and branded showrooms. It is a cozy area with lots of options to hang out during holidays. Anyone searching for lavishness can dawdle around the area, go shopping, or just drop-in for party vibes. Here are a few of the better rendezvous points at Durbar Marg.

Club Déjà Vu

 When the rest of the city is asleep, there’s one place that lives through the night, and that’s Deja Vu. A club centrally located at Durbar Marg behind Hitipokhari, it is quite a spacious area, with proper seating arrangements, pleasing sound system, and playful lighting. The service is very satisfactory, and the employees are friendly. Many national, and even international, artists have made their way to Déjà Vu to perform their gigs. Therefore, it is a perfect place for partygoers to dance all night long to heart pumping music. Moreover, the club is a true gentleman in itself, showing courtesy towards the ladies by providing them free drinks. So ladies, would Déjà Vu be your next hangout?

Coffee Pasal

  As the name suggests, the place is famous for its coffee beans and coffee brewing. It is located in an aesthetically alluring three-storied setting. The must-try dishes like the Quattro Sandwich and the New York Style Burgerare excellent. On top of that, the place also has a small section for book lovers and a meeting space for formal gatherings. Quite a lovely place to try this holiday!


 It has been only a year, yet Octave has been able to win the hearts of many Kathmandu-ites. The place is another oft-visited location in Durbar Marg. It is very popular for its food, the environment, and the view. The place comprises of an outdoor garden, a terrace lounge, cozy attic lounge, and an indoor multi-purpose lounge to jam in with friends for good food, live music, and a bird’s eye view of the city. Drop in anytime at the Woodland Complex during the weekend and enjoy your quality holiday!

Sherpa Mall

If there’s one thing that has a never-ending story, it’s shopping. Sherpa Mall is the best place for funky, fashionable, chic, and sleek attires and gadgets. It is one of the best high-end malls in the city. Besides, it is a popular hangout zone. The food courts, famous for international cuisines, are also another allurement of the mall. This holiday, why not try the awesome mixture of dining and shopping experience at the one and only Sherpa Mall?

Victory Lounge:

Another high-end establishment that lies in Durbar Marg is the Victory Lounge. The place is one lavish spot with artistic interiors, eye-catching views, great layout and ambience, friendly staff, and savory cuisine. The bar is the most populated section, with its craft cocktails being the main attraction. It is one of those places in town to spend your perfect night with your pals. Top your bucket list with the amazing place this weekend!