Who doesn’t love a cool splash in this hot weather? No doubt, you can beat the scorching heat of Kathmandu with a dip in any ordinary swimming pool in town, but the luxury a rooftop swimming pool offers is incomparable. With these pools, it’s not just about swimming and beating the heat, but they also offer unrivalled city views across the rooftops, blurring the line between man-made and natural. Have a look at some of the best rooftop swimming pools that you can’t afford to miss this summer.

Hotel Shambala Infinity Pool

Imagine relaxing in the pool with your favorite drink in hand and feasting your eyes on a 360-degree downtown panorama and the vista of the distant rolling hills. Is that how heaven must feel like? Not every infinity pool in the city overlooks such a vista. This rooftop spot in Bansbari on the eighth floor, with an area of 935 sq ft and depth of 3.5 ft, is a swoon-worthy spot in Kathmandu, offering guests a relaxing dip with enough space to take short laps, yet just small enough to remain peaceful and intimate. Not only this, if you get tired of swimming, you can relax in a sunbed set beside the pool, or enjoy in the café and lounge located by poolside featuring indoor and outdoor seating, along with your favorite drinks and delicious bites, light meals, and finger foods. It will just cost Rs.1500 for adults and Rs.750 for children, with a complimentary drink on weekdays, while the Saturday Special offer is Rs.2000 and Rs.1000 for adults and children, respectively, with complimentary french fries and a cocktail.

Hotel Mulberry Infinity Pool

The sleek and cool signature infinity pool on the eighth floor of this contemporarily designed hotel in the heart of Kathmandu is the only outdoor pool in Thamel, offering the perfect urban retreat with 1,500 sq ft of deck space. Guests can enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views of Kathmandu from Koya Bar & Lounge, or revitalize at the Cocoon Spa next to the signature infinity pool, with plenty of comfy seating. Monday-Friday, it will cost you just Rs.1500, which also includes a non-alcoholic beverage with either lunch or dessert, while it’s Rs.1800 for the same deal on weekends. There’s also the pool-plus-lunch option, which is Rs.2300 from Monday-Friday, and Rs.2500 on weekends.