Variety Collection (1)

This shop is located near Janabahal. You can find cosmetics for Tihar or any festive or casual occasions.

Ranimahal Handicraft  

It is a shop where brass utensils are sold, which are used on the occasion of Tihar puja, as and also for other rituals. It is located near Balkumari Mandir.


Nava Kumari

It is a shop where differently-designed Nepali topis (Dhaka ko topi) are sold. The topi is essential for Bhai Tika. It is located at Balkumari Mandir.

Tuladhar Décor

It is located in the middle of Ason and Balkumari opposite of Grand Wool Center. They sell different kinds of decorative materials for Tihar like garlands, lights, candles, artificial flowers, etc.

Big (opp balkumari)

This store is located opposite of Balkumari Mandir. All kinds of shoes for ladies and children are available for all occasions.

Guru Kripa Sarees 

This shop is in the same line of Big, where different varieties of sarees, palazzos, tops, lehengas, and kurtas are sold.

Puspa Ratna Tuladhar Store

It is a shop where different kinds of dry fruits are sold, such as almond, walnut, cashew, etc. which are used for making masala poh (dry fruits package) on the occasion of Tihar.

Yug Tara Store 

It is located in Ason behind Ganesh Mandir. In this shop dry fish are sold which are used on the occasion of Tihar as part of saangha (sacred ritual food.